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Modern Dentistry in Pinecrest

Modern Dentistry in Pinecrest

Modern Dentistry – A Combination of Art & Science

Sitting in the dental chair or the waiting room at your local dentist’s office for a routine checkup or to remedy an issue is part of life. Look around, and you’ll likely see interesting high-tech tools and machines. These are all components of modern dentistry.

Modern dentistry is first a science, then a technology, and finally, an art form, requiring dentists like our staff at Pinecrest Dental with the necessary special training and skill development. Combining medical science and medical procedures focusing on the prevention and treatment of the mouth, gums, and teeth, modern dentistry in Pinecrest offers patients everything they need to maintain healthy teeth and more!

Dentistry is about far more today than telling people to brush and floss. Pinecrest Dental and other modern dentistry teams recognize that staying on the cusp of the latest technological advancements and dentistry techniques remains vital to helping patients take the best care of their mouths.

The New Dental World

Today, a dentist does it all. The modern dental practice offers both routine and comprehensive dentistry procedures. Using the latest technological advancements and techniques, modern dental practices like Pinecrest Dental jump ahead of traditional dental care in proper dental hygiene, cavity detection, treatment of diseased teeth and gums, and as various other advanced oral care services.

Equipped with the latest high-tech tools, materials, and procedures, modern dentists clean teeth, treat gum and tooth infections, fill cavities, repair broken teeth, rehabilitate oral abnormalities, apply crowns, bridges, and veneers as necessary, and now even serve as the best resource to help patients achieve beautiful teeth through professional teeth whitening.

A modern dentist depends on advanced technology to help patients keep their smiles beautiful. With advanced practices and technologies like digital X-rays and outpatient crowns, most dental treatment today is safer, faster, and less invasive than ever before!

Maintaining Dental Hygiene

Periodic dental checkups with a dental specialist are the foundation of good oral health. The modern dentist serves as the first line of defense, providing deep cleaning and various other types of preventative care.

The more access you provide your specialist with, the earlier they can discover warning signs of trouble. As a result, patients that seek modern dentistry in Pinecrest like what our team can provide save time and money while avoiding pain and discomfort.


The Modern dentist still performs tooth repairs. However, today they are armed with the latest filling materials and tools to create a safer environment. Additionally, modern fillings come in various shades and colors to provide the perfect match to your existing teeth shade.

Most importantly, a modern cavity filling is better than traditional metal fillings at preventing the spread of infection. When you suffer from a tooth damaged from decay, improper wear, or fracture, a dentist will fill the cavity properly, ensuring that the healthy surrounding teeth receive some of this protection as well.


A dental crown is a device that is custom-designed to restore teeth (or a single tooth) after damage or removal. Dentists will employ crowns to replace damaged or missing teeth with a fixture that matches the size, shape, and strength of the teeth they are replacing.


Patients often choose veneers when they need an immediate, long-lasting improvement to their smile. Today’s veneers are thinner, stronger, and easier to apply than those of the past. A dentist from our team can custom-fit veneers, covering the teeth with an aesthetically-perfect wafer-thin covering made of tooth-colored porcelain.

Modern Dentistry in Pinecrest from Pinecrest Dental

Modern dentistry in Pinecrest utilizes advanced technology first to educate patients. Modern dental imaging enables patients to visually see and experience things they’ve never before seen in a dental office.

Second, a modern dentist will employ advanced technology as a communicative tool to discuss and plan treatments. Our team collaborates with other specialists for the best in patient care. Patients can literally experience the difference between digitized notes accessed by all providers day and night and writing instructions on an easily-losable piece of stationary,

Finally, modern dentistry in Pinecrest depends on technology to perform better, safer, and more comfortable dental treatments. With advancements in dental technology like microscope dentistry, our specialists can now see, plan, and predict with greater precision and efficacy than ever before.

To learn more about how our dental team can help you or to schedule an appointment, reach out to our caring team today for more information!



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